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 Business & Enterprise


​Wilsthorpe achieved ’specialist school’ status in September 2005, and was for a while called ’Wilsthorpe Community Business & Enterprise College.’

We have since reverted to the name ’Wilsthorpe Community School - A Business and Enterprise College’.

An emphasis on skills for business and the world of work generally, permeates all aspects of the school both in the taught curriculum and beyond the classroom. So do the enterprise capabilities which are not just about becoming entrepreneurs but which are skills that will enable students to be successful in their private and leisure life as well as in paid work.


 Wilsthorpe Leadership Academy


The Wilsthorpe Leadership Academy (WLA) rewards leadership in and around school. Students can demonstrate their leadership skills through a variety of activities such as taking starters or plenaries, running small group sessions, or taking whole lessons, helping run extra-curricular clubs or officiating at sports fixtures.

Students can become a member of the WLA by completing a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum volunteering award in a number of subjects. At the present moment students can complete awards in PE, English / Drama, Catering, Fashion, Geography and MFL, with more Curriculum Area awards coming soon.

Students complete an application and pass an interview before they are accepted into the WLA. They then wear a pin badge representing the area they have been accepted into and receive further badges each time they pass an award.  

The WLA also represents the ‘student voice’ in school and it is consulted about issues such as redecoration plans for the school and reward schemes, as well as contributing to the School Development Plan.

The Wilsthorpe Leadership Academy aims to produce high quality leaders who are confident, independent and experienced in leading, coaching and managing others.