School Bus Timetable

School Days Only


No 460 – 70p each way

*Wilsthorpe Community School finishes at 14.50pm (14.45pm for Y7 students) and the bus should be ready for departure by 14.55pm





Students may come to school by bicycle. The bicycle should be kept in good order. There are 2x secure cages on site for bicycles, these are locked at the beginning of registration and then re-opened at the end of the school day. A lock should still be used. For safety reasons it is strongly recommended that students wear bicycle helmets when riding.


The only entry and exit for bicycles is via Briar Gate. Students must not ride their bicycles on the School premises, or down the main drive.


Liability for bicycles on School premises: We are not liable for property brought onto the premises, however, we do take security seriously and all cycle areas are monitored by CCTV.