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Economics B

Edexcel Level 3 Advanced GCE in Economics B

Economics is about choice and the impact of our choices on each other. It relates to every aspect of our lives, from the decisions we make as individuals or families to the structures created by governments and firms. An economic way of thinking can help you make better choices.

The course is split into 4 themes:

In Theme 1 and Theme 2 (Year 1) you will be introduced to the nature of economics, how markets work and why they fail, consumer choices and enterprise in the economy. You will also consider the role of banks and life in a global economy.

In Theme 3 and Theme 4 (Year 2) you will explore the impact of globalisation on consumers, firms and the labour market. You will also investigate the role of the government and have an opportunity to consider the role and impact of the financial sector.

Key Stage 5

Economics B is the right subject for you if you enjoy debating economic issues such as inequality, globalisation and the Global Financial Crisis, exploring and presenting alternative courses of action, keeping up to date with national and international trends, learning about the economic environment and business through research and investigation.

“If you want a real insight into the way the world we live in works, Economics is a great starting point. It gives an overview of the way real-life businesses operate and the issues facing the world economy. It has given me an all-round understanding which will be incredibly useful in the future.”  Year 13, Economics student.

How will I be assessed?

Economics B is structured into four themes and consists of three externally examined papers.

The Economics Wider Reading and Discovery List can be found here