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Wilsthorpe School joined The Two Counties Trust in December 2018. Based in Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire the school provides secondary education to students aged 11-18 with just over 950 students on roll.


In September 2018 we moved into a brand new school building.

Everyone at Wilsthorpe School shares a deep belief in young people and a desire to ensure that every child achieves their best.  Our belief is that learning should be an inspirational journey, where all are challenged to achieve great things and to lead others, in a climate of dignity and respect.

Leadership and management was judged to be outstanding at the last inspection (November 2016)  and overall the school was judged to be good.

In 2017 Wilsthorpe was successful in securing a University place for a Y13 leaver at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the world’s best universities.  In 2018, two Y13 leavers secured Oxbridge places, one at Oxford and one at Cambridge. 

Extra-curricular provision at this safe and caring school is rich.  Comprehensive programmes involve substantial learning outside the classroom, in particular activities and clubs help to develop autonomy and leadership in sporting, artistic, theatrical, technical, creative and cultural opportunities. 


The Wilsthorpe School Admissions Policy follows the guidance set out in the School Admissions Code (2014).


Normal admissions round.

Derbyshire County Council continues to administer the admissions for children in the normal admissions round (aged 11) and the school will accept applications for all students without reference to ability or aptitude. For 2019/2020, the school’s Published Admissions Number is 210. The Pupil Admissions Number is the maximum number of places that the school offers before its over-subscription criteria is used. All pupils who have an Education Health Care plan which names the school, will be admitted. For all other pupils, where applications for admissions exceed the number of places available, the following criteria will be applied, in the order set out below, to decide which children to admit.



1. Looked After children and children who were Looked After but ceased to be because they were adopted (or became subject to a residence order or special guardianship order).

2. Children living in the normal area served by the school at the time of application and admission who have brothers and sisters attending the school at the time of application and admission.

3. When the child’s home is in the normal area of the school at age 11.

4. Children not living in the normal area served by the school but who have brothers and sisters attending the school at the time of application and admission.

5. All other children not eligible under the above criteria.


All applications must be made directly to the Derbyshire LA who will coordinate admission arrangements.  Parents of children not offered places will have the right to appeal and will be advised of procedures, should such a situation arise.


Click here for more information on Derbyshire County Council's school admissions procedures.


In year admissions.

Wilsthorpe is a very popular school and there is limited space for additional students in any year, no space in some.


Any parent wishing to transfer their child to Wilsthorpe School mid-term, should contact the school to begin the admission procedure. The school will then process all applications with the parent and notify Derbyshire County Council of the outcome.


All enquiries should be directed in the first instance to Ms Lisa Cooper, Admissions Officer.


Admissions consultation for The Two Counties Trust


Admissions Consultation on proposed changes to The Two Counties Trust Admission Arrangements for the 2022-2023 school year.

All schools/academies in The Two Counties Trust (TTCT) are going out to consultation on standardising their admission policy but not changing criteria arrangements as set out, For example, most of the text and definitions used in the admission policy across The Two Counties Trust will be identical (i.e. no other changes to their admission arrangements from last year). However each school/academy will continue to have its own individual oversubscription.

Period of Consultation: Monday 2nd November 2020 to Friday 18th December 2020

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Summary of Proposed Changes

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