Recipe for Success


“If you talk to a man in a language he understands that goes to his head.  If you talk to him in his own language it goes to his heart.”  Nelson Mandela.


At Wilsthorpe students have the opportunity to study two languages; French and Spanish.  We have four specialist teachers and have dedicated rooms for our language lessons all with interactive whiteboard.  We also have a suite of 16 computers exclusively for use within the department.  


We believe that all students should have interesting and varied language lessons and students are encouraged to be creative in their use of French and Spanish.  Lessons include film studies, French breakfasts, Spanish tapas tasting and fashion shows.  


In previous years we have taken year 8 students on a three day residential trip to France where students enjoyed a variety of cultural activities including pancake making, a trip to a chocolate factory, beach games and lot of games and competitions whilst away.  Year 7, in recent times, have also had a day trip to France with a French breakfast stop, pancake making and time for some souvenir shopping before heading home.

Key Stage 3

‘A different language is a different vision of life.’ Frederico Felini.

In Year 7 students have 5 lessons of French per fortnight.  The first half term is used to ensure all students know the basics and allows those that know some French to expand upon this.  Lessons then move on to look at describing yourself, school, hobbies, your home and holidays.

In Year 8 students have 3 lessons of French and 3 lessons of Spanish.  In French topics include television, the internet, Paris, music and clothes.  In Spanish students start with the basics and then move onto school, hobbies, home and holidays.

In Year 9 students continue with 3 lessons of each language.  In French we move onto future plans, arranging holidays, healthy lifestyle and free time.  In Spanish topics include food, holiday plans, future plans including education and healthy lifestyle.

Key Stage 4

“One language sets you a corridor for life.  Two languages open every door along the way.’  Frank Smith.

French and Spanish use the AQA exam specification.  Students can opt for one or both of the languages they have studied at Key Stage 3.  The exam is divided equally between the four skill areas: listening (25%), speaking (25%), reading (25%) and writing (25%).  Students have 5 lessons per fortnight.  


In both languages the topics include three main themes: identify and culture, local, national, international and global areas of interest and current and future study and employment.  Lessons have to involve a variety of key skills including grammar and translation work, but we ensure the lessons are engaging and interesting using IT, videos, group work, authentic materials, food and cultural elements including television, media and music.  

Link to exam board specification:



The French Wider Reading and Discovery List can be found here.



The Spanish Wider Reading and Discovery List can be found here.