Science is a rapidly evolving subject and the teaching at Wilsthorpe takes account of this. Through investigation and theory work we develop an appreciation of how Science impacts our daily lives, and explore how Scientific knowledge has led to the modern world around us.

A knowledge of Science enables students to learn how to work together to find solutions and become better informed citizens who value the contributions and achievements of people from many different cultures.


Key Stage 3

Students complete a range of exciting topics. Each topic uses as many practical and investigatory activities as possible to spark the scientific imaginations of our students.

In year 7 scientific fundamentals are introduced; why can so few elements produce the millions of materials in the universe? How can the forces to allow spaceships to take off be overcome? An insight into how the human body works – from organs to the skeleton.

In year 8 some of Science’s most pressing questions are explored; are we making the most of our planet’s resources? Can animals and plants evolve fast enough to keep up with climate change? Can our requirement for energy be sustainably met?

The assessment of students’ progress is carefully monitored and reviewed. This means extra support can be provided for those students who need it and every student can be advanced to fulfil their potential.

Key Stage 4

The Science Faculty offers two courses at KS4 so that students are able to follow a course best suited to their abilities and enable them to succeed.


AQA Trilogy Science - Lessons per fortnight: 10

Students follow the AQA GCSE Trilogy Specification leading to a Double Award in Science, the equivalent of two GCSE grades. Students are taught the fundamentals of Physics, Chemistry and Biology through high quality lessons and practical work. Exams for this qualification are at the end of Year 11.


AQA Separate GCSE Science - Lessons per fortnight: 15

Able students who may wish to study Science further follow separate Physics, Chemistry and Biology courses examined at the end of Year 11 leading to three separate GCSE grades.


Key Stage 5

At KS5 pupils can opt for either a traditional A-level route or a Vocational Applied Science route.

Biology, Chemistry or Physics AS and A-Level: 9 hours per fortnight.

Students follow the AQA GCE courses for A-Level Sciences. Assessment is 100% exam.  AS-Level sciences last one year, with exams at the end. A-level Sciences last two years, with exams at the end of the second year. There is no coursework on this course, however performance during practical will be assessed. There are three exams at the end of the two years for A-Level, all of which are two hours long. At least 15% of the marks for A-Level Sciences are based on what has been learned in practical lessons. The AS has two exams at the end of the year. Both are 1 hour 30 minutes long.

Forensic Science at Key Stage 5

Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate in Applied Science (Forensic Science)


The course is based around some core units in Applied Science. Here, study includes some of the fundamental scientific ideas and developing the skills necessary to work in a Laboratory and the Science based industry.

Some optional Units may also be studied which cover some Forensic Science; these include Criminology, collection of forensic evidence and chemical analysis techniques. The assessment is 100% coursework. The progression is Higher Education Science degrees or Modern Apprenticeships at level 3/4.

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